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James E. Troupe

James Troupe holds a Ph.D. in Computational Sciences from Chapman University under the supervision of Professors Yakir Aharonov and Jeff Tollaksen, specializing in the application of quantum foundations to information processing tasks. In addition, he holds a Master's degree in Physics from Tulane University with a focus on mathematical physics, and a B.S. in Physics from the University of New Orleans. Dr. Troupe is also an Affiliated Scholar at the Institute for Quantum Studies at Chapman University. His current research interests are quantum information and quantum foundations, with a particular focus on developing practical quantum cryptography and quantum sensing technology.

Selected Publications

  1. B. R. La Cour, J. E. Troupe, and H. M. Mark, Classical simulated annealing using quantum analogues, Journal of Statistical Physics, vol. 164, 772 (2016).
  2. A. N. Jordan, J. Tollaksen, J. E. Troupe, J. Dressel, Y. Aharonov, Heisenberg scaling with weak measurement: a quantum state discrimination point of view. Quantum Studies: Mathematical and Foundations, vol. 2, pp. 5-15 (2015).
  3. J. E. Troupe, Quantum key distribution using sequential weak values. Quantum Studies: Mathematical and Foundations, vol. 1, pp.76-96 (2014).
  4. A. D. Parks, S. E. Spence, J. E. Troupe, N. J. Rodecap, Tripartite loss model for Mach-Zender interferometers with application to phase sensitivity. Review of Scientific Instruments, vol. 76, 043103 (2005).