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Point Cloud Feature Extraction using Digital Terrain Models (DTMs)


Terrain Extraction and Segmentation + Feature Extraction (TEXAS+). View larger format.

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Example—Austin, Texas

LIDAR Point cloud from commercial linear-mode system show elevation and intensity, and are labeled with TEXAS+. Objects can be selected, analyzed, and written to separate files.

Feature Color Scheme

  • Green: Trees, vegetation
  • Cyan: Large, man-made (buildings)
  • Grey: Paved ground
  • Brown: Ground
  • Red: Unclassified man-made objects
  • Yellow/Orange: Cars

Terrain Extraction and Segmentation + Feature Extraction (TEXAS+): Operational and Performance Capabilities

Originating from an accurate terrain extraction, the TEXAS+ software uses a smart segmentation methodology to identify and label features/objects within the human activity layer. The software leverages elevation and intensity data (when available) to detect and identify scene features.

  • Accurate, fully automated feature extraction from any lidar point cloud (sensor agnostic)
  • Detection of concealed targets (i.e. buildings, cars, tarps)
  • 5 seconds to 5 million points using mid-range computer
  • Output format supports LAS, Cursor-on-targets messaging, Geotiff, kml—ingestible into commercial software (e.g. QTM, ArcGIS, Google Earth)