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Full-Waveform LIDAR Data Exploitation

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Capabilities and examples of LIDAR data exploitation. View larger format.

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  • Waveform feature extraction for landcover classification
  • Biomass estimation
  • Enhanced ground detection using novel algorithm solutions
  • Target detection (man-made objects in natural environment)

Measurement Distinction

Direct Retrieval of waveform parameters

  • Canopy Energy
  • Waveform Complexity
  • Total Energy
  • Energy Ratio (canopy : ground)
  • Gaussian amplitude and pulse width

Application Example: Freeman Ranch, TX

The full-waveform LIDAR airborne survey at Freeman Ranch, TX illustate how power lines can emerge from the imagery.

Maximum likelihood classifier
Input bands: Canoly Height, Pulse Width, Energy ratio, and Amplitude

LIDAR features can identify vertical obstructions and hard targets such as this eddy covariance flux tower despite being the same elevation as the vegetation.