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University collaborations at TEXAS

Freshmen Research Initiative

A quantum computing course is offered as part of the Freshman Research Initiative (FRI) stream. The class is taught by Brian La Cour and is open to freshmen in computer sciences, engineering, physics, and math with a background in basic linear algebra, familiarity with a high-level programming language, and an introduction to modern physics.

Course structure

Students learn about quantum computing and explore how it may be used to solve real-world problems. The work consists of a combination of both computer simulation and hardware experimentation using the small state of the art quantum computer available through the IBM Quantum Experience. Students engage in hands-on learning and research using actual hardware that may be accessed locally or remotely.

Research topics

  • Understanding how quantum systems can be used to store and process information
  • Understanding and implementing quantum algorithms to solve specific problems
  • Learning methods of protecting quantum information using quantum error correction

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