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About the Program

The Honors Summer Internship is a competitive summer program for undergraduate students at UT Austin. The interns may also continue part-time student employment in the subsequent semesters. The internship exposes the students to sponsored research and development dedicated to improving our national security and provides incentive for further academic development.
Each intern is supervised by a research scientist or engineer and given a project they can complete during the apprenticeship. In addition to these projects, the students learn about the different types of research done at ARL:UT through presentations from ARL:UT staff and a tour of ARL:UT's Lake Travis Test Station.

Student Projects

  • Acoustic Detection of Oil Spills (Signal & Information Sciences Lab)
  • Automated Detection of Artificial Voices (Signal & Information Sciences Lab)
  • Beamforming Headset for the Hearing Impaired (Environmental Sciences Lab)