The Texas Sediment and Ocean Acoustics Research Group (Tex-SOAR)

is located at

The  Applied Research Laboratories at the University of Texas at Austin.


Research interests include:

  1. -Finite Element Modeling

  2. -Shallow water waveguide acoustic propagation and reverberation

  3. -Acoustic scattering from rough interfaces

  1. -High frequency environmental acoustics

  2. -Bottom backscatter and penetration analysis

  3. -Reflection coefficient measurement

  4. -Inversion of back and forward scattering for environmental properties

  1. -Signal processing

  2. - Background reverberation statistics as a function of time and position

  3. - Modeling reverberation statistics

  1. -Seafloor micro-topography: Measurement of the seafloor roughness with a laser profiler in support of acoustic modeling.

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Dr. Marcia Isakson                    

Texas Sediment and Ocean Acoustics Research