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quantum computing student group

Dr. Brian La Cour (rt) with quantum computing students

Center for Quantum Research, Our mission

The ARL:UT Center for Quantum Research (CQR) seeks to develop a deeper understanding of quantum phenomena and how they differ from those of classical mechanics. Quantum physics offers a rich variety of novel applications, including powerful new quantum computing methods, secure quantum communication networks, and precision quantum sensing. Through basic, theoretical, and applied research, CQR seeks to develop these emerging technologies, as well as those yet to be discovered.

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CQR News

  • Physicists-To-Go. Brian La Cour presented virtually to a Little Rock, Arkansas physics classroom to talk shop and demystify qubits as part of World Quantum Day & American Physical Society (APS Physics)'s Quantum To-Go program on April 6, 2023. APS News 32, (June 2023). High School Students Go Quantum with Virtual Visit From Physicist
  • IEEE Quantum Week. On September 18, 2022, Noah Davis will present on Quantum Computing for the Faint of Heart, and Brian La Cour will provide an invited talk on The Virtual Quantum Optics Laboratory at the 2022 Quantum Science and Engineering Education Conference (QSEEC22) as part of IEEE Quantum Week.
  • IBM Quantum Educator Summit. Brian La Cour will be presenting an invited talk on Quantum Education for Undergraduate and High School Students on 3 August 2022. (virtual meeting)

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