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ARL:UT is comprised of four research labs and two research centers.

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Labs and Centers

underwater unmanned vehicle

Advanced Technology (ATL)

ATL conducts underwater acoustics research, sonar system design, underwater mechanical and optical system design, and electromagnetic systems research.

basecamp in the Arctic

Environmental Sciences (ESL)

ESL researchers design, analyze, and support sonar, surveillance, and measurement and analysis systems on the ground, in aircraft, and at sea to full ocean depth.

lidar image of Lake Travis

Signal and Information Sciences (SISL)

SISL is involved in a broad spectrum of research under diverse sponsorship from the Department of Defense, the intelligence community, and private industry. Research areas include undersea warfare and acoustic intelligence, cyber information assurance, computer network defense, and more.

building GPS tower

Space and Geophysics (SGL)

The Space and Geophysics Laboratory engages in research in electromagnetic propagation, geo-positioning, and remote sensing.

Center for Content Understanding logo

Center for Content Understanding (CCU)

CCU, formed in 2012, conducts research on the application of technology to real-world problems in content understanding. The center also develops tests and evaluations that address data analysis and inference for complex, context-dependent tasks.

logo for the Center for Quantum Research

Center for Quantum Research (CQR)

CQR, formed in 2015, explores the boundary between classical and quantum phenomena in physical systems with the goal of developing new technologies in the field of quantum information science. The center examines the conceptual and operational foundations of quantum theory, with the resulting insights leveraged to develop next-generation quantum technology.

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