About the Advanced Technology Laboratory at ARL:UT

Advanced Technology Laboratory (ATL)

ATL specializes in underwater acoustics research, sonar system design, underwater mechanical and optical system design, and electromagnetic systems research.

ATL has opportunities for careers in research, information technology, technical support, and administration. Please see the employment page for instructions on how to access and filter a listing of current opportunities by laboratory and/or key words. In addition, we have postdoc positions open in acoustics, and high school and undergraduate positions in a variety of fields.

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Welcome to the Advanced Technology Laboratory at ARL:UT

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About ATL

The Advanced Technology Laboratory (ATL) specializes in underwater acoustics, sonar system design and development, systems integration, signal processing and autonomy algorithm development, and electromagnetic system development. ATL’s research supports submarines, unmanned underwater vehicles, unmanned surface vessel and helicopter towed systems, and surface ships; providing tactical capability for U.S. Navy platforms and protecting naval bases, ports, and harbors in the United States and around the world. Systems developed by ATL are also used by Explosive Ordinance Disposal and Naval Special Warfare personnel.

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Research Areas

  • High Frequency Sonars for Manned and Unmanned Platforms
  • Unmanned and Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles
  • Waterside Security Systems
  • Mapping/Imaging Diver Sonars
  • Radio Frequency Communication Systems
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ATL in the News

Dr. John Huckabay, director emeritus of the Advanced Technology Laboratory (ATL) at Applied Research Laboratories, The University of Texas (ARL:UT), has been awarded the 2021 Distinguished Civilian Award from the Naval Submarine League. The highly selective award recognizes his distinguished career of providing exceptional support for the submarine community through technology, and innovations for our nation’s naval sonar systems. Read more.

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ATL launches an unmanned underwater vehicle.

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