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Graduate research assistant Joe Skeens stands in front of a GPS antenna deployed at the Very Long Baseline Array facility in Fort Davis, Texas.

New Technique Could Improve GPS

A new scientific technique could significantly improve the GPS navigation services that millions of people rely upon each day. ARL:UT's Space and Geophysics Laboratory and the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center have formed a radio interferometer between a GPS antenna and receiver and a large radio telescope that has observed distant quasars that are 5 billion light years away. Read article icon for an external link

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Alan Lomax playing guitar in NC circa 1940

Linking ARL’s Founder With The Work of Ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax Graduate research assistant AJ Lawrence recently surfaced a little-known link between our founder, C.P. Boner, and lauded ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax whose work inspired the likes of Bob Dylan and other foundational songwriters. Read article icon for an external link

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Quantum wave demonstration snippet

High School Students Go Quantum with Virtual Visit From Physicist As part of World Quantum Day & American Physical Society (APS Physics)'s Quantum To-Go program, ARL:UT physicist Brian La Cour called into an Arkansas physics classroom to talk shop and demystify qubits. Read article icon for an external link

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Admiral Christopher Grady visits ARL:UT

Joint Chiefs Vice Chairman Visits UT ARL:UT was proud to host Adm. Christopher W. Grady, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, for a facility tour and Veterans Day celebration. Our staff greatly appreciate his interest and support in our national security research. Read article icon for an external link

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Strauss Center logo on red circuit board background

Strauss Center & ARL:UT launch Joint Studies Program The Strauss Center-Applied Research Laboratories Joint Studies Program is a multidisciplinary program that applies research in law, political science, engineering, and the natural sciences to problems in national security, defense, and public service. Read article icon for an external link

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Dr. Megan Ballard awarded the 2021 A. B. Wood Award

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Megan S. Ballard awarded the 2021 A.B. Wood Medal and Prize. Dr. Megan S. Ballard has been named recipient of the 2021 A. B. Wood Medal and Prize of the Institute of Acoustics (UK), presented to an individual (under 40) for distinguished contributions in the application of acoustics, preferably associated with the sea.

Huckabay named Distinguished Civilian by Naval Submarine League. Dr. John Huckabay, former director of the Advanced Technology Laboratory (ATL) at Applied Research Laboratories, The University of Texas (ARL:UT), has been awarded the 2021 Distinguished Civilian Award from the Naval Submarine League.

Pushing Scientific Software to New Heights. After solving the technical problems of simulating quantum circuits with greater than 40 qubits, the team aims to develop and test quantum supremacy code on simulations of very large quantum circuits.

Listening to Seagrass. A new interdisciplinary study by UT’s Applied Research Laboratories, Marine Science Institute, and the Cockrell School of Engineering hopes to refine the important oxygen contribution seagrass meadows have by listening rather than looking. Photo credit: Jace Tunnell.

Ice-tracking space laser could also map sea floor and monitor health of coral reefs. In 2018, NASA’s ICESat-2 satellite passed over the Bikini Atoll in the South Pacific, generating underwater reflections of the atoll and a huge reef system underneath it.

New Earth Orbiter Provides a Sharper Look at a Changing Planet. A first look at data from NASA's laser altimeter mission ICESat-2 reveals very high resolution 3-D profiles of ice on land and sea, forests, and shallow bodies of water.

Nasa's IceSat space laser tracks water depths from orbit. The IceSat-2 laser mission was launched a year ago to measure the shape of Antarctica and Greenland, and to track the thickness of Arctic sea-ice.

ARL:UT Partners with NAVSEA. IWS 5.0 developed Virtual Laboratory on Ship (VLOS) in collaboration with Applied Research Laboratory – University of Texas (ARL-UT) and Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Newport...

UT Partners with NASA, Using Green Laser Technology to Predict Climate Change. New data gathered using a green laser in space is helping scientists track the melting ice and giving us a new elevated view of climate change.

UT Works with Uber and Army Research Labs on New uberAIR Program. Researchers will work with the U.S. Army Research Labs and Uber Elevate to develop new rotor technology for vehicles in Uber's proposed urban aviation ride-share network.

ARL:UT researcher wins naval research Young Investigator Award. Michael Haberman has been selected to receive a 2018 Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Program (YIP) award for a project titled "Acoustic Wave Redirection and Sensing using Bianisotropic Acoustic Metamaterials."

DOD Awards $1.1 Billion Contract to UT Austin’s Applied Research Laboratories. The U.S. Navy awarded Applied Research Laboratories at UT Austin (ARL:UT) the largest research contract in university history to conduct research and development to improve U.S national security.

Introducing Freshman Research Initiative stream in Quantum. Quantum computers promise to revolutionize computing as we know it. How do they work and what are they really good for? In this FRI stream, students will learn about quantum computing and explore how they may be used to solve real-world problems.

UT Austin's Applied Research Laboratories Hires Executive Director. UT Austin alumnus Karl Fisher has been chosen to lead Applied Research Laboratories, The University of Texas at Austin (ARL:UT), one of the largest research units within the University of Texas System.

Center for Quantum Research director Brian La Cour interview. ARL's Dr. Brian La Cour Discusses Quantum Emulation and Childhood Ambition.