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Signal and Information Sciences Laboratory (SISL)

SISL engages a diverse portfolio under sponsorship from the Department of Defense, the intelligence community, and private industry.

SISL has opportunities for careers in research, information technology, technical support, and administration. Please see the employment page for instructions on how to access and filter a listing of current opportunities by laboratory and/or key words. In addition, we have postdoc positions open in machine learning, optimization and stochastic programming, signal and information processing, and satellite altimetry and remote sensing spplications, as well as student positions in a variety of fields.

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Welcome to the Signal and Information Sciences Laboratory at ARL:UT

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About SISL

SISL is involved in a broad spectrum of research activities supported by a multi-disciplinary staff. Major areas of research include anti-submarine warfare, information science, geospatial remote sensing, and modeling and simulation. SISL has a diverse sponsor base that includes the Department of Defense, agencies from the national intelligence community, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Department of Energy, and the National Science Foundation.

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Research Areas & Centers

  • Undersea Warfare and Signal Processing
  • AI-Based Cybersecurity Research and Engineering
  • Content Understanding
  • Simulation, Instrumentation and Information Management
  • Geospatial Sensing
  • Fluid Dynamics Measurements and Modeling
  • Quantum Information Science and Quantum Education
  • Emerging Technologies for National Security Applications
  • Nonlinear and Biomedical Acoustics
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SISL in the News

Pushing Scientific Software to New Heights. Researchers used Texascale Days to simulate a 45-qubit random circuit. After solving the technical problems of simulating quantum circuits with greater than 40 qubits, the team aims to develop and test quantum supremacy code on simulations of very large quantum circuits. Read article icon for an external link

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SISL Research

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Center for Content Understanding (CCU)

CCU performs applied and basic research as well as tests and evaluations for the federal government, addressing data analysis and inference for complex, context-dependent tasks.

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Center for Quantum Research (CQR)

CQR seeks to develop a deeper understanding of quantum phenomena and how they differ from those of classical mechanics.

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Gas Dynamics Laboratory (GDL)

GDL specializes in developing solutions for a broad range of complex engineering problems in fluid mechanics.

logo for Multispectral Imaging Research and Analysis

Multispectral Imaging Research and Analysis (MIRA)

MIRA specializes in signal processing and algorithm development for topographic and bathymetric data exploitation.

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Strauss Center & ARL:UT Joint Studies Program

The Strauss Center & ARL:UT have launched a Joint Studies Program addressing national security, defense, and public service issues.

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About the Banner

This image of Lake Travis was produced using an algorithm invented by SISL for use with Light, Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) technology.

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